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Spinal Health Week—Are Headaches Holding You Back?

man touching temples in painWhen your spine is out of alignment, the nervous system can’t function at 100%, which may lead to many problems, including headaches. The three most common types are

  • Tension—a ‘hat band’ tightness around the forehead, temples, and back of the head. Often caused by episodes of stress and physical or psychological issues.
  • Cervicogenic—usually starts as a pain in the neck, and is caused by disorders in the top of the spine.
  • Migraine—often begins as a dull pain, increasing to a throbbing, constant pain at the temples, front, and back of the head. Usually accompanied by light and noise sensitivity, nausea, and vomiting.

Focused on Spinal Health

Our doctors focus on the function of the nervous system, using spinal and joint adjustments to promote the body’s ability to self-heal. We help you reach your highest health potential by protecting the nervous system, your body’s lifeline, through chiropractic care and osteopathy.

Special Offer

At Anderson Health Chiropractic & Osteopathy, we are offering a special $49 price for a spine and nerve check* for the month of May, to help identify and address what could be holding you back, whether it’s headaches, or another issue related to interference with the nervous system, spine, or other part of the body. Schedule your visit today!

*T&Cs Apply. Valid for appointments in May for new patients. Mention the offer at the time of booking. No cash value.


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