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Posture Correction in Doncaster & Croydon

In our modern world, most of us spend hours each day sitting hunched over a desk, looking down at phones and tablets or staring at a computer. While not the only causes of poor posture, these issues have caused postural problems to soar in recent years.

Studies have shown that poor posture may contribute to biomechanical issues like pain, neck tension, headaches, dizziness, numbness and tingling, and early vertebral degeneration. What may seem more surprising is that poor posture is now being studied as a cause of decreased lung capacity. And since adequate oxygenation is necessary for every system of your body to function at its best, it’s important that you are able to breathe properly.

How Chiropractic May Help

Chiropractic adjustments may help improve posture by restoring proper alignment and natural function to the joints in the spine, promoting better movement. At Anderson Health Chiropractic & Osteopathy, we offer our clients a comprehensive approach to improving posture and maintaining it for the long term. We include chiropractic adjustments, spinal neurorehabilitation and place a high value in education for all our practice members and community.

Naturally, we’d rather prevent posture issues than correct them. Getting regular chiropractic check-ups allows us to keep on top of any alignment problems in your spine before they affect your posture. It’s never too early to start taking care of your spinal health! Unfortunately, when degeneration progresses to the point of bone-on-bone, full resolution is usually not possible. That’s why we recommend beginning care before problems arise.

Four Pillars of Health

We believe that health depends on four things: moving well, thinking well, eating well and maintaining a healthy nervous system. Our customised approach for your postural correction will help you move well with adjustments and targeted exercise. In some cases, we may recommend spinal orthotics to increase the rate of success with your posture correction.

Get Started Today

Whether you want to prevent posture problems or correct them, we want to help! Contact us today to book your first appointment.


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