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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care in Doncaster

pregnant woman with baby shoes on bellyPregnancy is an exciting time of life, and our goal at Anderson Health Chiropractic & Osteopathy is to help our mums-to-be feel and function their best so they can enjoy this time fully. As a wellness-based, family-centred practice, we strive to help our clients create and maintain optimal health through a healthy spine.

Prevention Is Better than Cure

We believe that everyone can benefit from chiropractic check-ups to ensure their spine is properly aligned and moving as it should. By addressing misalignments early, we may help prevent stress on the nervous system that can lead to symptoms like pain and dysfunction.

During pregnancy, your body undergoes a tremendous amount of change in nine short months, including a shifting centre of gravity, hormonal changes and weight gain. All of these changes can put stress on your spine and affect how your body functions—that’s where we come in.

Adjustments may help with common issues like sciatica, low back pain, numbness and tingling, and other general discomfort.

Our Gentle Approach to Care

We cater to your needs, with bolsters and pillows to support you without placing undue pressure on your stomach. We also tailor care to your specific preferences and ensure that all adjustments and mobilisations are gentle and comfortable.

By customising your care, we aim to help you be as mobile and active as possible and reduce any pain or dysfunction so you can enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest.

Discover How We Can Help

Contact us today to book your first appointment. We can’t wait to help you feel confident and comfortable!


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