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Get Back to Wellness With Our Doncaster Chiropractors

A Natural Approach to Chiropractic

Dr. Leah talking to patient

Our mission at Anderson Health Chiropractic & Osteopathy is to educate and adjust as many individuals and families in our community back to optimal health. Let’s get you back to doing the things you love to do.

Our History

Dr Tom Anderson (Chiropractor) received his chiropractic education at RMIT, and Dr Elysse Anderson (Osteopath) also graduated from RMIT. After working in other practices, they decided to open their practices in Doncaster and Croydon to offer clients true family care, with a focus on creating wellness, rather than simply addressing pain and dysfunction.

We consider ourselves a wellness practice, offering customised care to help relieve stress and tension in the nervous system, through promotion of a healthy spine, so your body can heal from the inside out.

Classic Cases

Most of our clients seek our help for some type of pain—headaches and back pain are common. As they start to feel better, they begin to understand how freeing the nervous system of stress may help them achieve even higher levels of health. We are passionate about educating our clients on how to create their optimal health and long-term wellness, and we love that so many of them are inspired to accomplish that through our care.

We can help with:

  • Low Back Pain & Sciatica
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Postural Issues
  • Shoulder and arm issues
  • Radiating pain in the arms and legs
  • Migraines
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Knee and ankle pain

Intentional Care

Our intention for our clients is health, which is more powerful than simple pain relief. We don’t just want you out of pain—we want you thriving and living your best life, for your whole life!

Get Started Today

Our practice looks forward to meeting you and getting you closer to wellness. Join our practice and take advantage of our complete chiropractic assessment and consultation for just $120, which includes the initial appointment and a complimentary follow up appointment.

Contact our practice for more information. Schedule your appointment and get started today!

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