Doncaster Chiropractic

Have you been suffering from intense pain? Is this limiting you from being able to go out and do the things that you love and enjoy in your life? Then chiropractic treatment might be the answer for you.

Our Chiropractors at Doncaster chiropractic have been treating the people of Doncaster and the surrounding suburbs over the past 5 years. The Doncaster Chiropractors have seen and treated a range of different musculoskeletal conditions and may be able to help you.

In the initial consultation, the doctors will go through a full neurological and orthopedic examination in which they will use to help diagnose your condition. Should it be necessary, the chiropractors may even refer out for further imaging, if clinically indicated, to help with diagnosing the condition. The chiropractor will then go through and give their clinical recommendations and then they will conduct treatment.

The Doncaster chiropractors conduct themselves in this way to ensure that you receive the best and most accurate treatment, tailored specifically to your condition.

What do the Doncaster Chiropractors do?

The chiropractors at Anderson Health Doncaster have undergone 5 years of intense study at some of the best universities in Australia to be able to accurately diagnose and treat the conditions the people present to the clinic with.

While the chiropractors are taught how to diagnose a range of different conditions, they primarily focus on musculoskeletal injuries. This is their targeted area of expertise and strive to provide the best care in relation to these conditions.

Conditions seen by Chiropractors

The chiropractors at Doncaster chiropractic are trained to treat a range of conditions such as:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Nerve Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
  • Radiating pain
  • Postural Issues
  • Whiplash Injuries
  • Motor Vehicle injuries
  • Workplace injuries
  • Knee pain
  • Foot Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Shoulder Issues
  • And much more.

Why should I see a Chiropractor?

For many people, they chose to see a chiropractor when they are in pain. They want them to help them manage any symptoms they are experiencing. While this is a common thing for people to do, it is not the only reason to see a chiropractor.

Some people come to see a chiropractor to help them with postural issues. Whether they have a severe forward head posture, slouched body position, anterior pelvic tilt or just want to improve their overall posture, they seek help from their chiropractor.

But for a lot of people, they come in to help maintain their health and keep themselves functioning at their optimum. Chiropractic can help manage symptoms, but it can also help people feel healthy and allow them to do more with their lives.

Treatment Styles used by Doncaster Chiropractors

The chiropractors in Doncaster have a range of different treatment styles, they don’t just “crack” the body. While adjustments are big part of what they do, there are other techniques as well:


  • Adjustments: As mentioned previously, adjustments are the cornerstone of the chiropractic profession. They are small, specific, targeted pushes to joints in the spine and body, which are restricted, to restore normal movement.
  • Soft Tissue: This technique is centred around the muscular structures of the body. There are a range of different techniques designed to relax and restore normal movement to the muscles. This can be massage, PNF, trigger point release and more.
  • Activator Technique: This small device is used in a similar way to an adjustment. While the adjustment uses force to move the joints, this technique uses speed. The activator produces a small gentle push which helps to correct the restricted segment of the spine or body.
  • Rehabilitation: Another major part of chiropractic is the rehabilitation side of things. Our chiropractors tailor rehabilitation programs for all clients to ensure that once they heal, they can remain feeling good.

Where the Doncaster clinic is located

We are located in the heart of Doncaster, just off High Street at 19 Village Avenue, Doncaster.
Located only 5 minute drive from the Doncaster Westfield Shopping centre.

If you believe that you might benefit from chiropractic care or are interested in an appointment, click on the book online link at the top or bottom of the page, or alternatively give us a call on 9118 2940.

We look forward to helping you soon.