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Adjusting Your Sleep Schedule

Bottom Line:

Woman reaching for alarm clockNeck and back pain are the most common reasons people experience sleep disturbances. Patients talk about sleeping on the floor, or sleeping in a lazy boy, or even sleeping bent over their bed attempting to get into a position that helps them get those few precious moments of rest and relief. Talk about a pain! All you want is the ability to get some rest, yet every position seems to make things feel worse. Well, don’t worry – you’re in the right place to get back on track!

Why it Matters:

Your body needs rest to heal. If you are in pain, it can be challenging to find a comfortable position to rest. As Chiropractors, we understand this better than anyone. Chiropractic care has been shown to increase your spinal range of motion, decrease inflammation, and even reduce the pressure on the delicate nerves exiting your spinal column – all of which will make it much easier to find a comfortable sleep position.

  • Finding a comfortable position to sleep when you’re in pain can be difficult.
  • Adjustments reduce the stress on your spine, helping you more easily find a comfortable position to sleep.
  • Sleep is essential to healing because your body is better able to accelerate the healing process when properly rested.

Next Steps:

If stress has kept you up at night, you’re not alone. However, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the right place! Chiropractic adjustments can help reduce the stress in the muscles supporting your head and neck, allowing you to experience a more comfortable – and more restful – night of sleep.

Science Source:

Neurophysiologic effects of spinal manipulation in patients with chronic low back pain. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2011

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