Dr Tom Anderson

Dr Tom is the Director and Co-Founder of Anderson Health.

He is a young, enthusiastic chiropractor who has excelled in recent years with his use of traditional chiropractic techniques and a heavy focus on rehabilitation exercises.

Dr Tom  graduated from RMIT university in 2017 with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic).His first experience with a chiropractor was at the age of 11, when he was suffering with severe migraines. Over a course of treatments, the migraines subsided. It was from this course of events that prompted Dr Tom’s interest with the human body, its function and his drive to help people.

Dr Tom has always had a passion for sports and rehabilitation. Playing a number of sports as a young adult and continuing with his own health and fitness, this continues to drive his interest in sports injuries and rehabilitation.

Prior to opening Anderson Health, Dr Tom has spent the previous 5 years working for Wellbeing Chiropractic. Operating out of Point Cook and Mernda, he has spent these years working with patients to help them achieve their own health goals as well and helping the company to expand and prosper.

If you would like to see if Dr Tom could help you achieve your own goals, please feel free to call the clinic on (03) 9118 2940 or alternatively click on the Book Online link above or below.

Dr Nicholas Lekakis

Dr Nick is a Chiropractor at Anderson Health.

Dr Nick Experienced the benefits of Chiropractic care when he was studying
Exercise Science at Deakin University. He then decided that chiropractic was the
profession for him. After 8 years of university studies attaining a Bachelor of Health
Science in Exercise Science and also completing his double degrees in the
Bachelors of Health Science / Bachelor of Applied Science (Chiropractic) Dr Nick is
committed to achieving the very best results for his clients.

Being passionate about health and wellbeing, Dr Nick is very active himself, playing high level Soccer, completing multiple Half and Full marathons as well as finding a passion for road cycling during lockdown, he can support patients with a range of different concerns.
Dr Nick and his fiancé Kyrian, love taking walks to get a fresh coffee from their local cafes and spending quality time with their family and friends immersed by great Mediterranean food.

If you would like to see if Dr Nick could help you achieve your own goals, please feel free to call the clinic on (03) 9118 2940 or alternatively click on the Book Online link above or below.


Practitioner Assistant / NeuroScan Technician

Mica is Anderson Health’s Practitioner Assistant and NeuroScan Technician.
Mica is currently studying to become a Chiropractor at RMIT. Mica has a strong understanding about both Chiropractic and Osteopathy through her studies and therefore can assist you understanding how adjustments can help you, and your family, reach your most optimal health. 
Mica is also fluent in Tamil, Sinhala and Malayalam and is able to help with your consultation if needed. 

Practitioner Assistant / Receptionist

Sophie is Anderson Health’s Practitioner Assistant and Receptionist. 
Sophie is currently undertaking her second year in studying a double degree in Applied Science and Health Science (Chiropractic) at RMIT University, with particular interests in human anatomy and physiology.
Sophie was introduced to Chiropractic care at a young age and has been enjoying the benefits of regular adjustments ever since, planting the seed for her future career.  
Sophie has grown up playing team sport such as basketball and netball and has a passion for fitness. In her down time she loves going to Pilates, taking long walks and spending time with her friends and family. 

Dr Elysse Anderson

Dr Elysse is the Director and Co-Founder of Anderson Health. 

Dr Elysse graduated with a double bachelor degree in Health Science/Applied Science (Osteopathy) from RMIT University. She has a strong passion for Osteopathy and a sound understanding of anatomy and physiology. Dr Elysse decided to change her approach to Osteopathy when teaming up with Dr Tom (Chiropractor) and seeing the amazing long term benefits from focusing on the spine and the nervous system. Dr Elysse’ altered approach to Osteopathy not only helps to reduce symptoms, however, remove dysfunctions long term to ensure you can reach your optimal health. 

Dr Elysse enjoys working closely with the clients at Anderson Health to ensure a tailored health journey is established and will bring great energy to her consultations.

​Dr Elysse is qualified in Dry Needling which will allow her to incorporate this where appropriate. 

Dr ​Elysse has worked as a Sports Trainer and also works in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer and a Health Coach. Dr Elysse has a passion for strength and conditioning and enjoys helping her patients with exercise rehabilitation to help restore their strength and mobility. Dr Elysse also enjoys Yoga, Pilates, Watersports and Snowsports during her time off. She really believes that her passion for health and fitness has fuelled her drive as an Osteopath.

If you would like to see if Dr Elysse could help you achieve your own goals, please feel free to call the clinic on (03) 9118 2940 or alternatively click on the Book Online link above or below.



Practice Manager

Juliet is Anderson Health’s Practice Manager.
Juliet is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, with strong interest with further studies in Psychology. 
Juliet is understanding, compassionate and easy to talk to and is willing to help answer any questions and queries. Juliet really enjoys working with people and in a team environment.
Juliet grew up playing netball and tennis and still enjoys staying fit and healthy and also working with people on their health journey, whether it is physical or mental. 

Practitioner Assistant / Receptionist

Rita is Anderson Health’s Practitioner Assistant and Receptionist. 
Rita has a loving, caring nature which makes her a valuable member of the team. 
Rita speaks fluent Italian, so if English is your second language Rita is able to sit in your consultation and help translate to the Doctor to ensure you have a smooth and easy consultation.
Rita’s role at Anderson Health is to ensure every second in our clinic is a breeze, whether it is assisting with booking appointments, making payments, answering questions about the clinic, or simply just for a friendly chat, Rita is here to help.