Ringwood Osteopathy

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of osteopathy in the community. Due to its robust and effective style of treatment, many people have begun to seek this alternative style of treatment over traditional methods for neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and issues. All the osteopaths at Ringwood Osteopathy have studied for a minimum of 5 years at universities around the country. Many have even completed further study to better understand different conditions and be able to treat them.

Different treatment techniques used by the osteopaths


    • HVLA – High Velocity, Low Amplitude Adjustments
    • Dry Needling
    • Rehabilitation
    • Muscular Energy Technique
    • Cupping
    • Massage



Where we are located


Our osteopathy practice is situated only a few minutes drive from the heart of Ringwood. Our practice is at 19 Village Ave, Doncaster.

Facts about Ringwood

  1. Ringwood is located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, approximately 23kms from the Melbourne CBD.

  2. Ringwood is a part of the Maroondah City council. At the last census, Ringwood recorded a large population of 17,471 making it a thriving hub in the Eastern Suburbs.

  3. The township of Ringwood was established in the 1850s and primarily used for agricultural purposes. Shortly after, the railway station was built, cementing it as an up and coming town.

  4. One of the most iconic parts of RIngwood is it’s clock tower. It was erected in 1928 as a War memorial after WW1. It’s original location was on the corner of Whitehorse road and Warrandyte road. As Ringwood started to grow and traffic started to increase, it became more of a traffic hazard and was then relocated to the corner of Whitehorse Road and Wantirna Road

  5. Eastland Shopping Centre is the unofficial centre of Ringwood. It’s build was completed in 1967 and has been demolished and transformed since then. It’s located close to the station with over 235 stores, restaurants and a state of the art cinema complex.

Common Conditions seen by our Ringwood Osteopaths

  • Back Pain
    Back pain is a very common condition that our RIngwood Osteopaths see. Back pain can come in many different forms and can be caused from a number of different things, trauma, posture, illness just to name a few. Our osteopaths conduct a full neurological and orthopaedic examination to determine the cause for this discomfort. From there, they use a range of different techniques to try and help relieve this pain.
  • Joint and Muscular Pain
    Joint and muscular pain can present in a number of different ways. It can be a persistent dull ache, a sharp and excruciating pain, stiffness and tightness or even present as muscular weakness and dysfunction. A lot of people suffer from this every day and claim that it is ‘normal’. These types of pain are not normal. These often indicate a problem in the musculoskeletal system and can lead to further issues if not assessed properly.


Common Conditions Continued:

  • Headaches
    Headaches are a common complaint seen by our osteopaths. Headaches can be quite annoying and even cause disruptions in a person’s everyday life. There are different types of headaches that range in severity and how they affect people. Tension headaches are one of the most common, causing a pressure like sensation around the head. Migraines are one of the more severe and can cause neurological symptoms like blurry vision, dizziness and sensitivity to light and sound. In osteopathy, the practitioner will address the underlying issue, whether it be muscular, spinal or nerve.
  • Pregnancy
    Pregnancy usually is a beautiful time in a person’s life but as the pregnancy progresses there is the possibility of it putting strain on the body’s musculoskeletal system. This strain can eventually cause pain, discomfort, fatigue, nerve pain and much more. The osteopaths at our Ringwood location have treated pregnant patients with low back pain, hip discomfort and even neurological symptoms.


Our osteopaths at our Ringwood clinic see many people with these issues and much more. If you think you could benefit from treatment, get in contact with us and book an appointment today!

Give us a call on (03) 9118 2940.